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EnerGlo waterproof breathable glow-in-the-dark coatings are applied to most woven fabric types such as nylons and polyesters. Most fabrics are coated four or five times to ensure maximum waterproof levels of 25,000mm are achieved. On the surface of each item, we apply a Teflon HT durable water repellent finish (DWR) so water beads off the fabric when exposed to rain. This acts as the first layer of defence against the elements.


EnerGlo coated fabrics can be used for a range of active sportswear application as well as recreation sports. Because the coating is solid with micro chambers, it can be used in marine environments as well without the risk of salt damaging the breathability function.






In this picture, our subject wears a draped sheet of EnerGlo fabric E819. The product meets EN471 High Visibility during normal daylight hours





In this picture, our same subject is in a dark room where the full strength of EnerGlo technology comes alive. The bright glow will last for at least 3 hours.



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