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Today, The Specialty Group is focused on manufacturing coated and laminated fabrics that are considered of the highest quality levels in all Industries that it supplies to. Our aim is to work faster, better, and more efficiently than other textile mills so the experience of purchasing technical textiles in the Asia/Pacific region is enjoyable and done right the first time.



We believe that everyone in the western world has a responsibility to look after the rights and freedoms of all people and to put the environment well ahead of profits and pollution. All our staff our treated with the highest levels of respect and provided with a safe and clean working environment that conforms to Worksafe Australia Standards and EPA guidelines. No children are employed in our plant and our employees receive salaries well beyond minimum wage. We are endeavouring to produce textiles whose manufacturing processes or fibres reduces the impact on the environment. To this end, we have recently produced a category of environmentally friendly merino wool fleeces which have just been tested and approved with oeko-tex accreditation making it the world’s first environmentally approved fleece.



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